Everyone has a past.

Somewhere in time, right after surf woodies were still easily spotted on Pacific Coast Hwy and substantially before Valley Girls emerged, you would have found Don and Parlee Chambers growing up in Southern California: He on Manhattan Beach and she in the orange-groved San Fernando Valley. Back then, beach cottages merged with inland storefronts of deco design and, further in, fields and farms were gradually dotted by streets of post-WWII houses. Raised by parents who were also born in LA, (back in the 1920's), the memories, spirit and roots of the very early California experience are very much a part of who they are.

However, when choosing the best city for a new commercial photography studio, the waves being made in Atlanta are what lured Don down to the "real" South. Success happened fast. Highly regarded photography, great people, 2 kids (Lily and Dustin) and the perfect dog, has made Atlanta home. To be sure, that bold move in '83 was a sweet decision.

  • Take Don.
  • Award-winning Don Chambers is known today for his dynamically honest people photography. His training at the Art Center College of Design followed by his 3 year stint of assisting back in Hollywood, prepared him well for the scope of production that often rolls into his studio. Perpetually energetic, Don is well known for bringing out the best of every person who steps in front of his lens. A more relaxed, cooperative and funny photographer you will be hard pressed to find.
  • Then add Parlee.
  • Parlee Chambers has spent her lifetime in creative endeavor. Her many years of production, photography, painting, art direction and styling work making her someone you will be grateful to have handling the many facets of any project you might throw her way. She creates each still life with the heart of a painter, the eye of a stylist and a calm and easy attitude that both clients and crew appreciate. Every shoot and it's pre-production are bettered by her creative mindset, tip-top organization and the attention she pays to the needs of crew, agency and client.
  • And Great Stuff Happens.
  • With their years of collective experience, added to a perfectly matched crew, Don and Parlee make each advertising, editorial or annual report image count, knowing that their clients sail home with exactly what they were looking for, and then some. At Studio Chambers, talent, skill and a happy atmosphere brew up amazing imagery.